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Often regarded as the Pearl of the Mediterranean, Antalya is home to some of Turkey’s most cherished coastline and ancient mysteries. 

Located near the border of the Taurus Mountains, Antalya is the largest Turkish city along the Mediterranean Coast. Boasting an impressive collection of significant historical sights, the city beckons travellers from far and wide who wish to walk the lands that inspired past generations of artists, warriors, emperors and empresses alike.  

Whether you crave fine, white sand between your toes as you gaze into the crystal expanse of the Mediterranean, or you yearn to voyage across trails sculpted in the late-Bronze era, Antalya is calling you. But before you go, join us as we unpack this astounding city a little more – covering its past and present treasures, along with some essential travel accessories you’ll need to pack. 

A Brief History

The city was first settled back in 200 BC by the Attalid Dynasty under the rule of King Pergamon, who commanded his subjects to “Find me a paradise on Earth”... fitting, right?

Not long after this, Antalya was quickly handed to the Romans. This saw the city experience a sudden rush of prosperity and growth, including the construction of icons such as Hadrian’s Gate and Hıdırlık Kulesi along with the expansion of many neighbouring cities. 

Due to its advantageous location, ruling over Antalya then changed hands numerous times until an expanding Ottoman Empire took over in 1391 – bringing about over 500 years of relative peace and stability.  

After a brief period of belonging to Italy after World War One, Antalya was recaptured by the newly independent Turkey where its ancient beauty is celebrated by travellers and locals. 

The Wonders Of Kaleici 

You can’t visit one of the most desirable summer resort towns in Turkey without heading to the historic centre of Antalya – Kaleici. Where East meets West, this hugely important site of the country’s past and present, the old city is deeply revered for its impressive collection of ancient ruins, harbours, clock towers, and mosques. As your feet take you down the winding cobblestone roads surrounded by Ottoman-era houses, it’s easy to lose oneself in a Game Of Thrones-esque fantasy. 

The old town of Kaleici is an absolute must when visiting Antalya. However, before you set off on your voyage, you’ll have to ensure that you are appropriately packed. 

What To Bring? 

Taking a leap into a world that inspired the epics of Homer, it’s important to have the right gear with you. Winding roads built over 500 years ago might not necessarily show up correctly on your maps, and there’s a big difference between losing yourself in travel and getting lost. 

It would be a great idea to look at getting a portable speech translator with you to be able to communicate with locals and ask for directions (unless you speak Turkish). We also recommend packing the correct power adapters with you to avoid the dreaded low-battery. It’s best practice to research which power adapters are used in the country you’re visiting to be 100% sure. Although if “getting lost” is your idea of real travelling, don’t forget your foldable selfie stick with tripod and mirror to capture every perfect moment.

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