Taking out a Boat in Herceg Novi, Montenegro

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It may be small, but Montenegro is filled with incredible beauty. This serene destination may not be on your list already but there is a multitude of reasons why Herceg Novi and its surroundings should be! With man-made and natural beauty, this stunning place is filled with interesting history, picturesque beaches and incredible food. Let us take you on a day trip around the oceans of Herceg Novi. Grab your suitcase and your Kingseven Sunglasses for a holiday like no other! 

Why Take a boat?

With Herceg Novi being situated along the ocean, the best way to see most of its sites is by boat. A picturesque way to see the oceans of Montenegro, taking out a boat is a relaxing way to explore. Grab your essentials, your friends or family and some drinks for a day of summer sites, amongst the waters of Montenegro.  

Mamula Fortress/Island

Mamula or Lastavica is an uninhabited island about 6km from Herceg Novi. 90% of the island is covered by a fort that was built in 1853 to prevent enemies entering the Bay of Kotor. Mamula was then turned into a concentration camp during the Mussolini period. Despite there being a surplus of bad memories on this island, it is now home to a luxury beach resort. This is a place of history but also a stunning isolated site to see.

Blue Cave 

This spot is one of the most popular places to visit and for good reason! This striking cave houses waters that are reflected by the sun onto the walls of the cave. This incredible blue gives the cave its namesake. Despite it being popular, most boats only stop for a short amount of time, making it fairly uncongested, even during the summer months. 

Dobrec Beach

With a multitude of beaches you can stop at during your day boat trip, Dobrec Beach stands out. This romantic pebble beach screams nature and serenity, making it an ideal spot to recharge and relax on a sunbed. Quaint and fairly isolated, featuring clear waters and a delicious restaurant and bar, this is a beach you will need to see in your life. 

Castel Savina Winery

When we think of wine, our minds often head to France or Italy. Relatively unknown, Montenegro makes some surprisingly delicious blends that are basically impossible to find elsewhere. With tastings and incredible food to go with your wine, Savina winery and vineyards are situated high atop a steep hill. We recommend taking a taxi from town, unless you really like steep uphill walks that take about 30 minutes. You can book tastings in advance and explore the vineyard grounds of this beautiful area. Although you may have enough time to do everything else on this list in one day, this winery may need a whole day to itself! Finish off your day with the national drink of Serbia - rajika! 

Why Einhorn?

There is no denying that Herceg Novi is filled with incredible sites to see and this list didn't even make a dent in everything you can do there! You’ll need to be prepared for your Montenegro day trip so ensure you have the right bag and accessories before sailing off! They speak Montenegrin in Montenegro so make your life easier with a portable translator! Enjoy the history and endless ocean views of this incredibly magical place but don’t forget your travel essentials from Einhorn.


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