Tel Aviv: The Holiday Destination with Something for Everyone

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Choosing the perfect holiday spot isn’t easy, especially if there’s more than one person involved. Some of us are after rollicking adventures of the Indiana Jones variety; others want a top-notch cultural experience; others still want to revel in the nightlife of a foreign country; and a very large group of us just want to stretch out on a sunny beach and chill out with a pair of polarised sunglasses and a good book. As fun and life-affirming as a good holiday can be, they are a lot of work to organise, they’re a big investment, and for most people, you generally only get one every couple of years or so; it’s not the kind of thing you can just do over if you don’t get it right the first time. The bottom line is it’s hard to find an option that suits everyone.

If this is a problem you’ve encountered, we’re pleased to tell you we have an answer. The Israeli capital of Tel Aviv has it all, from sun-drenched beaches to thriving nightclubs, one-of-a-kind historical sites to world-standard art museums. If you can’t find something here to satisfy your appetites, you’re not looking hard enough. We’ve put together a few tips to make things as easy as possible. For the sake of brevity, we’ve left the famous religious and historical sites off this list, but we reckon you won’t have too much trouble finding them.


Kuli Alma

First on our list is Tel Aviv’s incredible beaches. Some of our favourites are Jerusalem (or Geula) Beach, where locals gather in their thousands to swim and play matkot (kind of like table tennis without the table); Hilton Beach, which is a big hit with the gay community but also popular with the wider population interested windsurfing, kayaking, and sunbaking;  and Gordon beach, where you can grab a delicious Israeli breakfast at one of the many cafés across the street and party into the night on the waterfront. If you’re heading to Tel Aviv for the beaches, we recommend going in July or August, when the average temperature hovers around 26 and 27° C. Just be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and a good pair of polarised sunglasses.


Tel Aviv’s Mediterranean climate and lively, international population make it the party Mecca of the Middle East. There are far too many great bars and clubs to mention, but if you want a unique experience, we suggest you visit Kuli Alma, which includes an outdoor gallery, great menu, and thumping dance floor. The Japanese themed BuXa is a great recent addition, and if you want a New York-style Rock ‘n’ Roll bar, you can’t go past Radio EPGB.

Art Galleries

Tel Aviv is home to some incredible artists and a number of ground-breaking galleries hosting works from around the world. A must-see is the Chelouche Gallery for Contemporary Art. The neo-classical building designed by architect Joseph Berlin is situated in a part of Tel Aviv known as White City and houses an incredible range of installations, video art, sculptures, paintings, and more. We also highly recommend the Gordon Gallery in Jaffa and the not-for-profit Artspace Tel Aviv. 

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