3D Ultra-soft Eye Mask

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3D Ultra-soft Eye Mask

Need a good nights sleep before you arrive...

Exposure to light during the day is beneficial, but nighttime light exposure has the opposite effect, this is due to its impact on your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain into thinking it is still daytime. This reduces hormones like melatonin, which help you relax and get deep sleep, therefore the 3D ultra-soft eye mask can help reduce those blue lights and keep things dark for the best sleep you'll ever have. 

It's breathable, adjustable and won't mess with your makeup as it's curved with zero pressure on your eyes.

I always seem to have the person next to me reading all night on a flight, so the 3D ultra-soft eye mask works wonders!

Colours: Navy, Black, Purple, and Pink. Comes with a travel pouch for easy access.

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