Mens Beard Grooming Kit with Beard Oil, Moisturizing Wax Balm and Comb

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Mens Beard Grooming Kit with Beard Oil, Moisturizing Wax Balm and Comb

The Blue Zoo travel beard grooming kit helps you stay looking sharp on your travels.

If you travel for business or leisure, then you need this compact but extensive travel grooming kit. It contains everything the well-groomed man needs, in a convenient package to make sure that you always look your best! Now hipsters can travel too!


Tips for taking care of your beard.

A beard is much like your haircut, care must be taken in its treatment. From choosing the right style to maintenance and aftercare, let us guide you through the prickly subject of beard grooming 101. Try to grow your beard for 4-6 weeks to see how it grows naturally as you may not be able to grow the look you want. If you’ve got a long face, it’s better to grow a bit more hair on the cheeks, so it can fill the face out. Inversely, if you have a round face, you want to reduce the width.

You should use a daily face wash in addition to using a scrub twice weekly for a deeper cleanse and lift ingrown hairs.  Apply a beard oil as it will soften the bristles and hydrates the skin beneath while leaving the whole lot smelling fresh. It’s not to be confused with beard balm, though, you can then apply the beard balm which is a styling aid. 

This complete Beard Grooming Kit includes:

  • Beard Wax: 30g
  • Beard Oil: 30ml
  • Brush: Beech Handle with 100% Black Boar Bristles
  • Comb: Dualside Pearwood Beard Comb
  • Wallet: PU Leather Wallet for Comb
  • Bag: Canvas Bag
  • Scissor: Stainless Steel

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