Best Snow Trips in the World

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It’s always winter somewhere, right? If you’re more inclined to hit the slopes than the sand dunes, we recommend these four hot spots where you can cool off. 

No matter what continent you’re craving, there’s sure to be some snow-capped mountains calling your name. So swap those Kingseven sunglasses for some snow goggles and check out our top picks for your next snow trip.

 The Swiss Alps

Switzerland has long been the pinnacle of winter wonderlands, with luxury resorts, pristine powder, and attractions for the non-skier too. 

One of Switzerland’s most famous ski resorts is nestled in the town of Zermatt, shadowed by Matterhorn, one of the Alps’ tallest mountains. 

The region offers more than 200 kilometres of ski runs to accommodate skiers of all abilities, plus all kinds of snowshoe trails that can be enjoyed at a slower pace. 

If you’d like to enjoy the sights without trudging through the snow, there are multiple train rides available such as the Bernina Express and the Mont Blanc Express. 

Take a trip through snowy pine tree forests and frozen lakes, like a scene from Frozen or Frozen 2, you won’t want this fairytale to end. 


Further north at the ends of the Earth, you’ll find a world far more akin to Frozen – and that’s because it was inspired by the beautiful landscape of Norway. 

This unassuming winter wonderland offers great cross-country skiing, ice climbing, and the northern lights! Just over the border you’ll find the frozen igloos of Lapland, Finland where visitors can lay in warmth and comfort as they stare up through glass ceilings at the northern lights. If it’s not on your bucket list, it sure should be. 

A short flight across the Norwegian Sea will land you in Iceland, where fire meets ice. The small island is home to roughly 130 volcanos, some of which remain active and provide a magnificent backdrop against a land of – you guessed it – ice. 

New Zealand

If you can’t find time off during the ending/beginning of the year when those northern destinations are in peak snow season (though many are great year-round), New Zealand offers the perfect alternative for a mid-year getaway. 

Most enjoyed by locals and adventurous Aussies, NZ is covered in great locations for a snow trip such as Queenstown, Mount Ruapehu, and Christchurch.

High season usually begins in the South Island from mid- to late-June and finishes in October. If you’re considering somewhere like Mount Ruapehu in the North Island, high season starts and ends a little later in the year.


An extremely popular destination for expats and working-holidaymakers, Whistler in Canada has become party central for young snow trip lovers. 

Whistler includes two mountaintops called Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, which set the scene for the 2010 Winter Olympics! 

If party-central Whistler isn’t your scene, the opposite side of Canada in Québec City offers a more refined taste of where Canada meets European influence. 

From the architecture to the cobblestone Christmas markets, Québec is as quaint as it is qualified to be your next snowy destination.

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