How to Prepare for Summer in Europe

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As those from below the equator endure a frigid winter, the call of a balmy European summer sounds like a heavenly way to thaw our souls and recharge for the second half of the year. 

But before we go packing our bags with those Kingseven sunglasses, a dusty old passport and a dollop of sunscreen, there are a few vital things to consider.

Without the proper planning, tourists are consigned to long lines, expensive meals, and unsafe surroundings. But this blog should put all those worries to rest and leave you sunbaking in peace as the southern winter rolls on without you.

 Plan Ahead

Putting some research into your itinerary before you leave is sure to pay dividends upon arrival. Not only will you save time by skipping the queues for tickets or waiting for tables to free up, but you can also save money on early bird booking fees and snapping up cheaper deals that may pop up. 

More important in your planning is to know the entry requirements for each country that you enter. Each country in Europe has its own requirements and visa fees, and while many are similar, it pays to know which boxes to tick. 

You may also want to book some private tours and a guide who knows their way around and can help you to make the most of your limited time in this summer paradise. 

Find the Less Beaten Track

Just because you’ve seen countless photos on Instagram of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, doesn’t mean it’s the only beautiful coastline going around. There is always a quieter corner to discover in Europe - somewhere those pesky tourists haven’t touched yet - and you’ll thank yourself for going the extra mile to find them. 

The difference between a quiet beach and Bondi is you can spend more time soaking in that sun and less time cursing those darned children with the beach ball, or the sandy towel flickers up-wind. 

Putting some research in ahead of time to learn where the locals like it can make or break your summer holiday - and these things only come around so often!

Bank & SIM Cards

If we can get a bit more serious with this summery summary, Europe’s retailers have been transformed post-COVID and cash has far less place in our modern world than it used to. 

Smaller villages will still welcome your cash and coins, but don’t expect larger outlets to bump open that cash register too often. Organising a bank card will make things easier for everyone and can even remove the need to transfer those coins from koruna into krone.

Similarly, adding international calls and texts to your mobile phone plan can save you time and money, not to mention save you in an emergency. Alternatively, you can easily buy a local SIM at the airport if you’ll be staying in one country for an extended stay. 

 Have Fun!

So long as you’re travelling with an open mind and a watchful eye, you’re sure to make the most of this European summer. Now, if you’re stuck on what to pack, our range of travel essentials are all you need to travel the world. Explore our stock online or contact us today for more information.

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