Best Shoulder Season Sights

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If you prefer quiet hikes to price hikes, and avoiding long lines while enjoying the sunshine, you should be familiar with the concept of a shoulder season.

In case you’re not aware, a shoulder season is a travel term used to describe the months before and after a region’s peak travel time. Travelling in Australia, for example, the shoulder seasons would be February through April and September through December.

By travelling during shoulder seasons, you can avoid the price hikes applied in tourist destinations during peak times while still enjoying some relatively good weather – the simplest travel hack you can find!

In fact, in hotter climates where summer becomes unpleasant, shoulder seasons can be the most enjoyable time to travel. 

Not to mention, travelling during shoulder seasons means you won’t be fighting the crowds and everything moves at a slower, more relaxed pace. 

Sounds like the perfect time to travel, right? Well, people are cottoning onto this fact and shoulder seasons are becoming the new peak. 

No matter though. Einhorn Travel has compiled the best shoulder season sights, so that you can enjoy some of the world’s cheapest and most cheerful trips. 

The locations listed below identify those where shoulder season is equally as enjoyable as peak season, either due to crowds, weather or pricing.

So dig out your passport, fill that suitcase, and find a good book or two – remembering those compact folding reading glasses – because we’re going travelling.


As English holidaymakers make something of their summer, the Mediterranean becomes a hotspot in the most literal sense. 

From June to August, locations such as Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, southern Italy, southern France, and eastern Spain can all reach above 30°C. This can be manageable for some, but when you add more expensive accommodation and attractions into the mix, the summer sun doesn’t seem so worth it.

Instead, the central Mediterranean – take Sicily, for example – still makes for a great holiday during April, May, September and October. 

To prove our point, let’s compare peak airfares with shoulder airfares.

compact folding reading glasses

From Melbourne to Rome in late-April, the ideal airfare for price and flight time is a little over AUD$1000. Meanwhile, the cheapest for this date is $591. 

Compare these to Italy’s peak season and you’ll notice the cheapest airfare is almost double that of the shoulder season.

Below, we can see a similar occurrence for accommodation. Visiting in April rather than July would bring us savings of up to $39 per night! This is one narrow example but serves to prove how the same locations can quote higher prices simply based on the time of year.

 compact folding reading glasses

 Southern Africa

Everyone knows central and southern Africa for its breathtaking safaris and unruly wilderness. But that’s the problem – everyone knows about it! 

The peak period for South African safaris is November to March, when the weather is rather similar to the southern half of Australia. This leaves a period from September to October after the cold and dry season has passed, but before the demands of crowds have set prices soaring. These peak seasons can see prices rise by 50%, so shoulder season is a no-brainer. You’re still sure to see some wildlife if you can weather the odd rainstorm. 

South Pacific Islands

During October and November, the waters around Fiji may be cooler and the air slightly windier, but the deals on offer will leave you feeling all warm inside.

Diving and snorkelling are better spent when you’re not battling for space on the pier. It also helps when crowds of curious tourists aren’t scaring all the fish away! 

If you can see past the odd cloud obscuring your tan, there is plenty to be enjoyed in the South Pacific while everyone back home continues on with life. 

Now You Know!

Take this knowledge and run with it! Like we said, the shoulder season is the easiest travel hack you’ll find and if you can find the time off, it’s a simple one to take advantage of.

Now, as you pack your bags for that sensational shoulder season, browse our range of travel essentials and feel confident that you’re travelling with the equipment and expertise to enjoy your holiday.

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