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The best travel accessories. Our travel accessories include: luggage and bags, travel electronics, polarized sunglasses, travel adapters, luggage scales, eye masks and ear plugs. The best polarized sunglasses for men and the best travel bags. The best travel accessories for 2019 including polarized sunglasses.

Everyone is looking for that one special thing to make their life extraordinary - their own personal unicorn or einhorn in German. As avid travellers, Lynn and Andrew Mitchell keep searching for that one magical experience or location that tops all others. Until we find it, we’ll just keep looking. That’s the lifestyle that our brand represents - the continuing search for unique items, places, experiences and relationships.

Einhorn Travel, a Division of Einhorn Products, was established by Lynn and Andrew Mitchell as an online business sourcing quality travel accessories from around the world for the discerning consumer. Our business model is to source products at reasonable prices and offer them in a convenient, online format to customers around the world.

We know what items you need while travelling. We know what things you can’t live without and what makes life on the road comfortable and hassle-free. Those are the things we have sourced from around the world and bring them together in a single store for you, our valued customers.

Our Founder & CEO - Lynn Mitchell holds dual British and Australian citizenships and is based in Basel, Switzerland. She is a qualified post-natal maternity nurse and a counsellor by training. She has lived in England, Australia, Thailand, Singapore and Switzerland and has travelled to over 80 countries. You can contact Lynn at lynnmitchell@einhornproducts.com

Our co-Founder & COO - Andrew Mitchell is an Australian citizen also based in Basel, Switerland. He holds degrees in business, logistics, philosophy and psychology. He has travelled to 100 countries so far and is a world-renowned practitioner and speaker in international logistics. You can contact Andrew at andrew.mitchell@einhornproducts.com

Einhorn Travel Accessories is a division of Einhorn Products - a business registered in Australia

Registed Office: 321 Chapel Street, Prahran 3181, Australia

Postal Address: Lange Gasse 32, Basel 4052, Switzerland

ABN: 86295566420

You can contact us at customer.service@einhornproducts.com


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