KINGSEVEN Aluminum Polarized Sunglasses N7180 Mens

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Check out these Kingseven Aluminum Polarized Sunglasses for men! Available in a 4 different colours, these UV-protecting glasses suit all faces, tastes and styles. You will be the coolest guy on the block with these awesome glasses!

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The benefits of UV400

Ultraviolet Rays in sunlight are invisible but those in certain wavelengths can negatively affect health. They are especially damaging to eyesight, which is why everyone should wear sunglasses when they are outside during daylight hours. Prescription sunglasses for sports help protect eyes by blocking all harmful ultraviolet rays.

UVB rays cause immediate damage and are more dangerous during the summer when they are the most intense. They accelerate the aging process of the skin and cause sunburns after overexposure. They are responsible for snow blindness when combined with exposure to snow and wind. Studies show links between UVB rays and the development of cataracts and skin cancer.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the eyes and skin and tend to affect health more slowly. Light rays from this spectrum can damage cell structures. They contribute to aging, immune system suppression and eye damage.

Exposure to harmful solar UV radiation is highest during the few hours around noon when the sun is at its peak. Clouds have an effect on radiation levels but do not offer adequate protection. In some cases, partial cloud cover scatters radiation increasing the levels reaching the Earth’s surface.

Ultraviolet rays have wavelengths from 10 to 400 nanometers. The optical industry standard for eyewear protection is UV400. Sunglasses bearing this designation offer protection for the eyes against UVA and UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.

The manufacturer applies a specialized coating to the front, back or both sides of the lens. Sometimes the protection is incorporated into the lens itself. The coating is suitable for any color lens because it is transparent. Dark lenses do not necessarily offer a higher level of UV protection than lighter lenses. Consumers must read the manufacturer label for assurance they receive the protection they need.

Sunglasses play an important role in protecting the eyes from more than just harmful ultraviolet rays. They reduce glare making it easier to see when driving a motor vehicle or participating in outdoor sports activities. Quality sunglasses also reduce reflections in the vehicle’s windshield.

With our range of Kingseven aluminum Polarized Sunglasses, you will not only look cool, but you will be looking after your eyes as well.