New Bring Metal RFID Wallet

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New Bring Metal RFID Wallet

The last RFID travel accessory you’ll ever need! Never worry about your digital security again with this RFID Wallet. It is quite concerning how easy it is for your digital details to be stolen. On a bus, in an airport or in a restaurant, a hacker can scan your credit card data using a scanner hidden for example, in a briefcase.

Our New Bring metal RFID Wallet blocks the signals from an RFID reader, thereby keeping your data safe from hacking.


Keep all your credit cards safe from RFID hacking with this alloy money organiser and RFID credit card wallet. This RFID Wallet blocks scammers from scanning the codes of your cards by blocking their scans. Travel relaxed in the knowledge that your cards won't be copied by some unscrupulous character.


Our RFID Wallet securely holds up to 20 credit cards and also has an integrated money clip to hold your cash.

Our RFID Wallet is available in 3 different colours: Red, Blue and Metallic.

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